Bring on the white leather…R.C. in Leather Collarless Jacket and Leather Pants

1980 RC White Leather

  Now this is the way to wear white leather in my humble opinion. Or, at least, the way we wore it in 1980. R.C. was my top male model model/muse (can a boy be a muse?), anyway I modeled all my male Leather Waves on him in those days. I mean….why wait for Memorial [...]

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In the shop photo5

Let’s finish the washed leather motorcycle jacket now. Once the shell was completed I began the lining. All black satin with two pockets one on each side with snap closures, our label and something new that this client requested. He wanted a vintage label with a picture on it. At first I was not sure [...]

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In the shop

J.K. had a special jacket in mind when he came to me a couple of months ago. He had seen some jackets made in “washed leather” and loved the look and feel of the skins. He had always desired a motorcycle looking jacket, and with the new purchase of a sportscar he felt he was [...]

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joel kantor

J.K. doesn’t ride a motorcycle, but really wanted a cool “motorcycle looking” jacket for a sporty look in his wardroble, and to wear while driving his new cool MiniCooper sportscar. He saw some washed leather jackets in local store that he thought were cool, and asked for this type of skin. The skin has a [...]

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1983 JH 3

  Leather Waves circa 1983, with my old friend J.H. and sadly can’t remember the sexy redheads name….I was doing alot of pink leather at the time, it was kind of punk. He wears a pink leather double-breasted sportscoat with mother of pearl buttons, she wears a a zipp front hip length cocoon styled jacket [...]

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In the shop:Jackie

*Welcome back for part #2 of the making of the newest Leather Purse for Spring 2013 *Here you will see that I used those stitched leather strips to tie-down the metal details to the staps, this gives the bag a bouncy fun look. I love tying things to bags because when the person who is [...]

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In the shop:Jackie

*This morning we will begin the process of making the Spring Purse that you saw in my post a couple of days ago. *Many of us love the idea that a spring purse is one that has some color and I had a design in mind that is a composite of designs that are popular [...]

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Cheyenne and Lucy 2000_Snapseed

  Taken in the year 2000, this is a famous photo around Leather Waves. My daughter Cheyenne and our new puppy Lucy Ricardo, modeled turquoise suede and faux fur matching jackets for my newly created “Leather Waves Babe” line of children’s leather clothing. Lucy passed yesterday of old age, 14 years or about 98 in [...]

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1990 JR 4 snap

  Vintage picture of the day….Grand Canyon 1990. I snapseeded this, adding some drama, although who needs drama at the Grand Canyon! Riding my Harley was a blast in those years, and even more special because I’d make amazing leathers to ride in. This jacket was very cool with it’s cowhide fur lining and fringes, [...]

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Spring Leather Purse and wallet clutch

Just made this one for Spring. The color glows. The gold color metal details sparkle. Trimmed in tonal goat suede with the embossed golden cowhide as the main feature. Front phone pocket, zippered top, fox tail detail, and large barrel beads on stitched laces. In addition the Wallet clutch, that can be pulled from the [...]

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