J. and F. Churchill, Malibu CA

“Hi Jackie. You are welcome to use this gorgeous photo of my sexy husband wearing the beautiful belt you made him. He literally wears it every day. Xo Jerri”

B. La Paglia, Tom Petty Fan, Allen Texas

I just wanted to tell you how much I am loving my new Tom Petty tribute purse. It is SO comfortable! I am getting what you other customer said when she said she wanted a “real purse”. Both of the purses you made are the most comfortable purses I have ever owned. They are amazing. […]

J. Stein Horsewoman, Calabasas Ca

“Five Stars! Jackie not only has incredible style and fashion sense, her workmanship is beyond FIRST CLASS, No wonder so many rock stars and celebrities have been going to her for years for custom leather clothes. My first and also my latest pair of blue suede jeans is definitely one of my favorite wear forever

Shannon “Karma Dealer”, Malibu CA

Shannon “Karma Dealer”, Malibu CA

Al I can say is FUCKIN AWESOME!!! So Much.. Too Much…. FUN Today Jackie!!! priceless! thank you Jackie… killer piece of art! Love you Jackie! Had a blast Rockin your gorgeous leathers yesterday!! They truly make one feel like a “Rock Star”!! Xo-S

S. “BudJonz” Peukert, Leasing Broker, Yucca Valley, CA

Hello Jackie! Please add me to your mailing list and love your items! Please add this to your Recommendations/Love Your Stuff category asap: “Having been to Jackie’s awesome studio in Malibu, her wonderful colourful leather hairbands she made for me are still going strong! They have no color depletion, have been using them for 27

S. Ulansey, fashion merchandiser, Malibu CA

Jackie is one of the most resilient people I know. She started her own company, and it just keeps getting better and better!!! She cares about what you want and makes it happen.”

P. Heussenstamm, Artist, Laguna Beach, CA

Jackie is one of the most highly creative individuals I have ever met. I whole heartily recommend her for any and all creative endeavors.

B. Taki, Realtor, Malibu CA

Jackie has served her customers for a long long time with consistent and dependable service. It’s mainly her creativity that will spark your attention. All of her designs are exceptional and will garner many compliments from those that will admire her work.”

K. York, Newspaper Owner/Editor, Malibu CA

Ciao bella, I love your leather pants and my wife enjoys all of your dresses, and one of them bought many years ago was a real attraction at the Lyric in Chicago. It has been a while since I came to your store on top of the hill in Malibu, but if I come back […]

R. Cours, Leather Waves Internet Client, Garden Grove, CA

Shea absolutely loves her book bag! Thanks for your great workmanship!

V. Cooper, Esthetician, Malibu CA.

“Throughout the many years that I have known Jackie, I have been impressed with her professionalism and cutting-edge creativity that she brings to her designs. If you are looking for one of a kind creations that make a huge statement, you need look no further than Jackie’s Leather Waves.”

P. Grisanti, Realtor, Malibu, CA.

Jackie’s leather clothing and accessories are all one of a kind and custom designed. Her creations make excellent gifts and never fail to impress. Excellent quality of construction makes her clothing last a very long time and her sense of style has a remarkable ability to endure and remain fashionable.”

C. Bell, Ballerina and Teacher, Malibu CA.

I just wanted to thank you again for my oh so beautiful bag!!!! I had three compliments on it on Sunday alone, and passed out two of your cards to admirers. I can’t believe how perfect it is, and is everything I hoped and imagined it would be. It was so kind of you to

M. Nelson, West Covina, CA.

I received the Hobo Bag right after Thanksgiving, thank you. I love it. It is perfect, exactly what I wanted. Perfect size, pockets and lining are beautiful. It fits just what I was looking for. I have used it almost every day since I received it. BTW…love that it is animal friendly!!

V. Henriquez, Allen, Texas

Making the decision to hire someone you have never met ,to do something you know nothing about through the internet is scarce. I took a chance, and in the end Iam completely satisfied and my needs are fulfilled beyond. After one conversation with Jackie she impressed me with her confidence, and her level of professionalism. […]

D. Walters, Templeton, CA.

I just got the Man Bag. Great job Jackie. Thanks so much for a job well done. One of the goals was to make a bag that did not look like a women’s purse. You accomplished this with great style.

B. Wester, Livermore, CA.

I just opened up my box and I gotta say, your photos definitely don’t do it justice! You did such an awesome job on it! Thank you so much for all of the time, design work, and hunting down of buckles that you did on it. I cannot thank you enough. It fits absolutely perfect

L. MacDonald, Santa Monica

Hello. I am just rushing out and the package just arrived …I had to open it … – oh, they are super!! I love the little bag and belt is so elegant! Thank you soooo much. Happy Holidays! Liz MacDonald

A. Springer, Santa Monica CA

Just wanted to tell you that I love the bag. I am so glad I found you. I hope the bag lasts for at least 10 years. I would certainly recommend you to others.

C. Moss, Artist, Malibu CA

Jackie, like her creations, is a sacred gift to Malibu..and a legend which has grown in grace and beauty. We are blessed to have her wide woman artist spirit!

G. Gilliland, Restauranteur & Philanthropist, Malibu CA

Jackie Robbins is one talented lady. Her work with leather is amazing. She has made me fantastic bags and belts. She even took a silver concho belt I never wore and used it as decoration on a purple suede bag. Custom phone holders, dog collars, whats next Jackie? And she is a really nice person

T. Love, Vintner, Santa Barbara CA

I have known Jackie and been a customer (as has my entire family, including my dogs for custom halters) since 1982 when she was in her wonderful shop in the old Malibu Country Mart. Not only does Jackie have the most exquisite taste, she is always ready to customize even the smallest detail to suit [

V. Barton, Esthetician, Malibu CA

I still wear things that I’ve bought from Jackie 30 years ago and they’re still beautiful. Jackie’s work is exceptional.

B. Taki, Realtor, Malibu CA

J. Herrera, Artist, Simi Valley CA

Jackie is an amazing artist, her leather work, life and endless vesatility from years as a designer have made her a well loved and respected success. I find her so easy to work with and i love her new shop. I highly recommend a visit.

S. Richards, Malibu CA

I’ve seen her work. She’s amazing!

J-Flora Katz, Malibu CA

A beautiful and talented Malibu local, who has a beloved store in the heart of Malibu.

S. Woods, Craftsman, Malibu, CA

The clothes Jackie makes are truly incredible works of craftsmanship . Custom made art that you wear , super classy !

C. Kilroy, Malibu, CA

When I got home I modeled the new shearling you just made me for my husband and he said it was the most beautiful leather coat he’s ever seen!

C. Kilroy, Malibu, CA

When I got home I modeled the new shearling you just made me for my husband and he said it was the most beautiful leather coat he’s ever seen!

J. Cundiff, Muscian, India Atlantic, FL

The leather shirt you just made me is my favorite! My singer hates me for getting that shirt… He loves it and says it should be his.

M. Kim, Malibu, CA

I just wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how much I’m loving my suede pants and my leather pants. They fit perfectly and are even more comfortable than my old jeans! This is my first experience with custom-made clothing and I think I’m already sold on it. There is something special

F. Heinemann, Malibu, CA

F. Heinemann, Malibu, CA

You are indeed a person of many talents. Your sense of design and color is a wonderful gift, and the fact that you bring joy to others through your creative abilities is a wonderful thing. My beautiful red coat and terrific blue pants – such vibrant tones of leather – never cease to give me

E. Heuer, Motion Picture Sound Technician, Pacific Palisades, CA

E. Heuer, Motion Picture Sound Technician, Pacific Palisades, CA

Thank you for the artistry and magic that you brought to this year’s Oscars. ‘Marie Antoinette meets the Rolling Stones’ was a big hit! May there be many more syncronistic occasions for us to share in the spirit of great beauty, love and excitement for new possibility. Mostly I want to thank you for the

J. Noel, Playa Del Rey, CA

Just a little note to thank you for designing and making my elegant outfit for the Calgary Stampede. I still can’t believe that when I came to you with my idea of what I wanted, you created something which was not only what I had envisioned but surpassed my expectations. You are truly and artist.

H. Ziehm, Film Producer, Malibu, CA

My custom coat fits so well and is so warm that I look forward to cold weather days because they give me a good reason to wear it. Yours Truly, Howard Ziehm Malibu, CA

J.J. Innes, Malibu, CA

In my 38 years I have never been so excited about a pair of pants!! I have never been able to find a perfect fit until now. I’m ready for all my pants to be made by Jackie at Leather Waves-ONE IS NOT ENOUGH!

G. Chang, Film Composer, Malibu, CA

I was most impressed by her craft…one of the most special pieces of clothing that I will ever wear…”

Larry Hagman, Actor, Celebrity Malibu, CA

“You give great leather”

Fred Segal, Fashion Retailer, Entrepreneur Malibu, CA

“You do an exceptionally fine design and quality job with your leather and you know how to service your customer.It is a great pleasure to watch your success and growth.”

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